Stitch-A-Log is the very best organizer for all of your sewing, stitching and quilting supplies, customers, maintenance and projects that you'll ever own! Take charge of your supplies, have a handy ready reference for planning your projects, and save money by avoiding duplications with Stitch-A-Log!

Store photos and sample swatches of all of your stitchwork designs ~~ Maintain samples, record quantity on hand, manufacturer, cost, where purchased and other important data on all of your fabrics, batting/lining, threads and fibers ~~ Record patterns, including manufacturer, style #, notions needed, where purchased, special details and more ~~ Track equipment maintenance, local service centers, services performed and so much more!


The Stitch-A-Log includes 16 divided sections. Categories include:

Batting/Lining - Maintain a complete record of all of your many types of linings including thickness, weight, amount on hand, etc.

- Record upcoming class dates, times, location, fees, supplies to bring and more.

Equipment Maintenance
- Track repairs and service on your equipment, store model and serial numbers, service provider information and service costs.

- Maintain samples of all of your fabrics, manufacturer, date and place of purchase, amount on hand, and much more.

Master Stitch Record
- Make an actual stitch sample right on your page, record where it is stored on your machine, sewing foot used and more.

- List manufacturer, size, uses and more, for all of your sewing, needlepoint, machine needles, embroidery, knitting, quilting, etc.

- List manufacturer, style number, size, notions needed and more, for all of your patterns.

Photo Sample
- Keep actual photos of each project and record important data, including fabric swatch, pattern, cost, recipient, etc.

- Organize your publications, create an article index, and subscription expiration dates.

Stitch List
- Keep accurate records of customers, as well as Sewing/Quilt Club members; including address, telephone, email, family information, sizes, special dates and more.

Store Information
- Maintain an up-to-date listing of your favorite stores across the country, directions, store hours and special orders.

Techniques & Tips - Record instructions and tips from all of your sources, from class instruction to clubs and friends,  including origin and a sample.

Threads/Fibers - Store samples, weight, dye lots, where purchased, etc., including metallic, decorative, embroidery and specialty threads and fibers.

- Record all of your hand tools, such as various scissors, rulers, basting/marking tools, mats and more, including where it was purchased, manufacturer and where it is stored.

Web Sites
- List site name, web address and description of favorite web sites for information, tips, program downloads, online shopping, etc.

Wish List
- Keep that all-important wish list handy when shopping and planning future projects. List the item description, order information and where to find it (and be sure to leave a copy where others can find it around birthdays and other gift giving holidays!).


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