Get Organized with Stamp-A-Log!


Stamp-A-Log is the most important organizing tool for your Rubber Stamps, Accessories, Class Instructions, Publications and more, that you'll ever own! Take charge of your supplies, have a handy ready reference for planning your projects, and save money by avoiding duplications with Stamp-A-Log.


The Stamp-A-Log kit comes complete with a four page fold out filled with instructions and ideas, fully indexed and reinforced tab dividers, and a full complement of each of the category pages enclosed in a lovely teal binder with stamp art cover.


Log up to 500 average size stamps in the basic Stamp-A-Log; list an infinite number with refill pages ~~ Cross reference stamps by category and manufacturer ~~ Track paper sources, edgers, punches and accessories ~~ Maintain samples of markers, ink pads, embossing powders, etc. ~~ Save addresses, e-mails and other personal data of mail art friends ~~ Record favorite stores, mail order companies, publications, products you purchase and other important information ~~ Create Wish Lists - for everything you want and need!


The book contains includes 16 divided sections, 15 printed categories plus one blank tab to customize. Categories include:


Accessories - Keep track of what you have as well as dates purchased, warranty information and suppliers.


Art Pals- Maintain addresses, personal data, project swaps and information on cards and other projects sent.


Chalks & Paints - Log in a sample of each color of chalks and paints, as well as manufacturer and where it is stored (hint: for stronger color and better retention when logging in chalk colors, first apply "VERSAMARK" inkpad to your applicator, then apply chalk, before rubbing on page). 


Events & Conventions - Document shows, conventions, classes, favorite vendors,  instructors, new products and other noteworthy information.


Master Catalog Listing - Organize your company catalogs, updates, flyers and supplements.  Note special pages of samples, instructions etc.


Master Stamp Image Page - This is an open page where you can stamp each individual stamp. Used in conjunction with the Master Stamp Listing Page, you'll always find your image.


Master Stamp Listing - Record information such as the location of the actual image, a brief description of the stamp, manufacturer and where it is located in your Stamp-A-Log.


Ink Pads, Powders & Sparkles - Record a sample of each type and color of inkpad, embossing powders and sparkles in addition to the manufacturer, when and where purchased and where it is stored.


Markers, Pencils & Pens - Maintain a sample of each color and type of marker, pencils and pens, manufacturer, it's uses, where and when purchased and where it is stored. 


Papers & Materials - Store sample swatches of various papers and collage material, amount on hand, where and when purchased.


Publications- Organize your publications, create an article index, and subscription expiration dates.


Scissors, Edgers & Punches - Post sample images of all of your punches and decorative edging scissors (Note: Jumbo puches pages available separetly, to fit extra large images).


Store Information - Maintain an up-to-date listing of your favorite stamping and scrapbooking stores, directions, store hours and special orders.


Techniques & Tips - A great place to store hints, tips and techniques, as well as project samples and instructions from classes, books and friends.


Wish List - This important section will record the many new items and supplies you are wishing for and where to purchase them. 


All items are Copyrited (2003) by Create-A-System, Inc. and Artfully Stamped Rubber Stamps

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